▼ Summary

It is an application that makes it easy to make sound of chakra.
The sound of Pythagoras tempered with A = 432 Hz, consciousness turns to chakra.
It's an app that makes it easy.
We added two other important sounds so that we can easily output the sound of nine chakras.

Grading and meditation, reinforcement of chakra, want to aim at body parts,
Please look for aroma and food corresponding to chakra, please use it for comfortable voice.

You can also output binaural beats based on chakra frequency.

Depending on the oscillator, you can also output arbitrary frequencies and binaural beats.

▼ Function description


B crown chakra,Sahasrara,violet


A third-eye chakra,Ajna,indigo

G throat chakra,Vishuddha,light blue

F Heart chakra,Anahata,Green

E Nabhi chakra,the solar plexus,Manipura,Yellow

Eb Under the umbilicus

D Sacral chakra,Svadhishthana,Orange

C Root chakra,Muladhara,Red 


When this button is pushed, a slider appears and you can fine tune the volume.


Easy keyboard for singing and humming at the frequency of chakra

Chakra frequency A = 432 Hz Pythagorean tone and
You can switch A = 440 Hz equal-tempered which is used in many performances.

If you try humming along with that sound while producing sound, you can experience the difference between the two tunings.

Binaural beat

It outputs binaural beat which is said to act on brain waves.

Create a binaural beat using the frequency difference.

For example, if the right sound is set to 132 Hz and the left sound is set to 128 Hz,

132 - 128 = 4 Hz beat sound (binaural beat) is heard.

In order to raise the effect of binaural beat, you can change the chakra frequency as a fundamental tone.

Recommendation music scale,

From 2.5 Hz to 8 Hz, "C"

"E" for 10 Hz and "B" for 20 Hz are displayed.


It outputs arbitrary frequency.

2 Ch. Each can adjust the frequency, so you can create binaural beats.

If you specify the frequency on the left side to 256 Hz and the frequency on the right side to 257 Hz, the difference will be 1 Hz, so 1 Hz binaural beat will be born.

For example, if you want to create a 2.5 Hz binaural beat based on 200 Hz, please specify 202.5 Hz or 197.5 Hz on one side.


2018/01/13  Version: 0.1.3 Publish initial version