An application that matches the frequency of the chakra.

The seven musical scales of Pythagorean tone, with A = 432 Hz,
I discovered that the focus of consciousness is at the position of seven chakras, and I made an application that makes it easy.

Please use it for meditation, adjustment of chakra, want to voice comfortably.


B crown chakra,Sahasrara,violet

A third-eye chakra,Ajna,indigo

G throat chakra,Vishuddha,light blue

F Heart chakra,Anahata,Green

E Nabhi chakra,the solar plexus,Manipura,Yellow

D Sacral chakra,Svadhishthana,Orange

C Root chakra,Muladhara,Red



When this button is pushed, a slider appears and you can fine tune the volume.



2018/01/13  Version: 0.1.3 Publish initial version